Taking my hand, he leads me to the bed and wraps his arms around my waist from behind. He squeezes my breasts firmly, possessively and I hang my head forward in languid surrender as his mouth explores the back of my neck.

He breathes into my ear.  “I want to taste you…”

Easing my naked body forward across the bed, I respond by bending over and parting my thighs for him. I smell the cool, clean linen against my face and a slow smile builds across my lips at the hungry wetness of his tongue, traveling the valley between– as his hands lustily knead my exposed flesh.


I shudder and arch against his slick, probing strokes at my sensitive opening. A finger searches between my swelling ridge of flesh, rousing me to hysteria while his tongue drives insistently, relentlessly– sweetly demanding further access.

A strange and delicious sensation pervades my senses as my hips buck involuntarily against his greedy mouth. I feel the muscles of my inner walls contract and pulse eagerly with the desire to pull him into me completely.

“Oh, my god…don’t stop….”

He stands up, pressing himself into me, rocking slowly, intently, against the tension as I begin to moan with pleasure, pushing my hips back to accept him deeper.


“No, not yet…”

I collapse against the bed as he pulls out, leaning over and gently nibbling my shoulder.

He rolls onto the bed and draws me on top of him. Straddling his hips, I lower smoothly, enveloping him, — relishing the sensation of being filled so completely.

My breasts hover tantalizingly over his face and he fondles them gently, murmuring sweet, urgent encouragement as I begin to rock against his thickness.

“Mmmmm…..are you close?”

His fingers caress the small of my back, slowly exploring lower until he reaches the place, teasing me lazily…watching my face as my arousal heightens.

“Oh, god, it feels so good….” I gasp, sucking his mouth against mine, crushing his lips with the force of my kiss.

Gripping my backside firmly with both hands, he bucks his hips up to meet mine, taking charge of our pleasure. He plays me like a rodeo girl, bouncing me against his thighs. He  urges me faster. I moan and shiver with the pleasurable friction of our bodies moving in perfect synchronicity.

“I don’t want to yet…”

I roll over to face him and witness the flush of my arousal reflected in his eyes.

“You like to delay your pleasure?”

“I just like to make it last…”

I taste my own salty sweetness as he kisses me–guiding my hand to his rigid sex. I wrap around the root firmly and give it a solid squeeze as he moves his body  to enter me again.

Spreading  my  legs wide, he pulls me to the edge of the bed, looping his arms underneath. I let my hands roam– caressing and squeezing his muscular buttocks.  He groans as I accept him deeper  with one more upward thrust of my hips. Buried in my warmth, he moves slowly at first and then gains momentum, pounding my hips against the mattress with each stroke.

As the peak of my wave crashes, I cry out and hang onto his back for dear life as my legs shudder then suddenly go slack with the intensity. He begins to spasm and heave with release, collapsing finally against my chest, his heart beating wildly. He rolls over and lays flat against the bed, his breath slowly returning to normal.

“So…” he whispers into the cool, half-light of the room.

“Same time next week?”

The End.