Now all the doors have opened…I am free. I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. Maybe even, not since I was about fifteen. When the world felt like one big possibility. So many paths to choose. I feel like I am standing there again. With options. So many options.

Like a kid in a candy store, I face all the colorful choices before me and the view is magnificent. I want to try them all. And I can. I don’t have to wait for permission to have a good time. It’s all up to me. Every choice, every move I make forever more is my own.

The worst thing that ever happened to my creativity was attaching myself to an artistic partner. I disappeared into “our” work. I realize I was never meant to be in a band, never meant to be a “partner”. I am a solo act. And it’s okay.

I am interested to see my creative life take form without the influence of compulsion and addiction. To find out who comes out to play when I am alone. We don’t need permission. Not anymore.