Some days I feel a strong pull away from the written word and toward photography as a means of artistic expression. My common subject is food, plated and styled, shot in my studio light box. But when I’ve had enough of that I put it aside for awhile.

I shot new images yesterday–after an extended dry spell. I emerge from this full immersion in the abstract world of creativity disoriented but exhilarated. It was a good day.

At these times, I find myself resisting obligations and attachments. If I can opt out of doing something I will. I simply wish to be free to spend my hours in pursuit of art and beauty as I see it. This is my artist’s life.

I see my work as an ongoing narrative with myself. Any given piece is merely an emotional snapshot of a moment in time, because naturally my moods are like the weather. It’s not a linear project. My eye is toward an aesthetic that is sensual yet subtly subversive. It’s like getting the flavor balance in a sauce. A pleasurable challenge.

Nobody and nothing “turned” me into who I am. This is just my way. I relish the drama, the tension. The ownership of my sexuality and the control of the image. Ah, the blessed control.

I love the attention. Like any performer. I’ve always been a performer in one way or another. But I have grown into an artist. With a particular vision…that is always shifting. My subject, my muse…is me. To mold myself to fit my aesthetic is a challenge that excites and inspires my work.

Following the path of my desires brings me deeper into my own psyche, providing the richest material for my art.

So I embrace whatever mystical force drives me to do what it is that I do–knowing that it is what is meant for me. For however long it lasts.