Each Sunday morning as I sip my hot, black coffee on the back porch, my man brings in my newspaper from the lawn, removes it from the plastic bag and unfolds it–placing it gently on my lap. He’s sweet like that.

I am reminded of the old joke about men reading Playboy magazine “for the articles”.  I read The New York Times mainly for the high quality images. I started my subscription when I was in my mixed media art phase, eagerly searching for visually striking additions to my colorfully abstract works of art.

Today, in a different artistic space, I skim and scan the headlines, sometimes reading full articles if they are about something relevant to me. What I notice today is where my eye lands–where I am drawn. It’s interesting to observe which headlines and articles I notice and which ones I disregard.

Wrapped around the front page–an incredible image in a Calvin Klein ad of a nude model lying on the floor,  staring mournfully into the camera, slender fingers splayed protectively over small breasts, lower body swathed in an american flag. I am intrigued by the portrait shot with a wide angle lens so her legs look a mile long.  I wonder if the piece is meant as a political statement or support of the women’s march that took place all over the country the day before.

The front page photos of the women marching in cities all over the U.S. “fighting” for rights they already have– just fearful they will lose them. So many angry women. I wonder why I am not angry. I ask myself if I should be. I opt for the wait and see approach.

I read about the realities and fallacies surrounding the U.S. healthcare controversy. I feel better about it now I understand the facts. I choose not to buy health insurance and it’s okay. For now. I am healthy, no afflictions, no prescriptions. Again, I wait and see how things pan out.

I set aside the Book Review, Arts & Leisure, and editorial section to ponder over later. I will read these front to back, fully digest them at another sitting. Sometimes I bring these in my car to read at long red lights.

Other points of interest:

A recipe for turmeric tea (tear that one out)

Lovely travel images of tropical areas in France (save for later)

An article about finding interesting secrets in old houses under renovation (love)

A modern love story about a woman and a baker who met on Tinder (right up my alley)

It will take me the week to get around to reading all of this stuff, and sometimes longer. Where my energy goes, where my time goes…it all gets spent. But nowadays it is spent on things I want to do. Places I want to go. People I want to see.

I guess you could say I’m in a good place right now. In my most natural state. The closer I get to the core, the more interesting my life becomes to me. And that’s all that really matters.