A Few of My Favorite Things

Swimming in a fresh water lake and

feeling the cool spots against my legs

Getting caught in a sudden rainstorm with

the sound of thunder and

the smell of damp earth

Watching rain from indoors

where it’s dry

Watching rain from an open porch and

feeling the tiny splishes of wet

on my goose pimple arms

The  scent of Elmer’s glue paste and

Crayola crayons

The sound of hard shoes

on dark wood floors

and the smell of old hardcover books

A steaming bowl of home-cooked soup with

warm, fresh-baked bread

Beautiful, shiny new kitchens with

brushed stainless appliances and

cabinets with frosted glass doors and

colorful dish ware

Grandly stemmed glassware with

exaggerated bowls

Organically Grown  French Pressed Coffee

served to me, in my bed filled with

fluffy pillows

Dark chocolate melted into a thick sauce and savored

by the spoonful

Silence in my own space with

my books and

my writing

and my thoughts