*A recipe for releasing toxic emotional ties:

  1. Write a letter that won’t be sent. Let yourself say absolutely everything you’ve ever wished to say to this person. Then burn the letter.
  2. Take a bath of strong Epsom salt water, feeling as you soak that all negative attachments to this person are being pulled from your body and energy field.
  3. Burn sage. Bring the smoke through your whole body from head to toe, front to back.
  4. Release any pictures, letters or objects from the person that fill your home. Those hold their psychic energy, making it much harder to cut free.
  5. Pray for closure. Ask the Universe to let you completely release this matter. Ask to be able to forgive the past and be carried to a new time.
  6. Send blessings to them, and to yourself. See each of you moving on. Sending blessings ironically breaks any attachment once and for all.

I know I have to give up longing and move on to the next stage, which for me has to be anger. The longing is for the idea, the concept of what could have been, which was an illusion anyway.

Now I am ready to see things and people as they really are. Nothing to veil the truth, no more delusional thinking.

The anger is for the reality of the situation which I casually ignored for too long.

I was reading a blog the other day–visceral, emotional poetry. Wow, I thought, this really resonates with my sensibilities. This author is on fire! I clicked on the about page to find the writer is sixteen years old. Is that me? Is that my emotional age?

But, on it goes, this very personal journey of discovery. I follow the path faithfully and with a clear head, although watching the French chef Eric Ripert last night on Netflix swilling the finest wines all over the world made me yearn. So elegant, so civilized.

If I could learn how to drink moderately…I don’t know. I’ve come so far. It’s been 60 days since I quit drinking and I feel good, in general. Life is very real. And sometimes a bit too serious lately.

But the anger. The anger must come out, then I can let go. Once and for all. I need to say everything I need to say–to purge my spirit of the poison that has been steeping for too long.

I am ready to move on.

*Summarized excerpt from “Outrageous Openness:  Letting The Divine Take The Lead” by Tosha Silver