“A little help down here?”

He reaches out his hand, pulling me up off the floor.

“Get everything sorted out?” He gives me a smirk that makes me blush uncomfortably.

I know he must have seen more than I wanted him to, but here we are. At least by standing there, he was hopefully blocking anyone else who happened to walk by from seeing my skirt hiked up to my waist as I struggled with the tangled computer cables under the conference table.

“Uh, thanks…yeah, it was a loose connection. I think you are all set for the meeting now. ”

I brush off my hands and tuck my hair behind my ear, looking him squarely in the eyes. I want him to know that I am aware he was staring at the curve of my exposed derriere and that I don’t care. In fact, an unfamiliar gaze turns me on…when I feel in control of the situation, that is.

“Is there anything else I can do for you?” I shift nervously.

“That will be all for now–but come see me after lunch.”


“We need to talk about what happened this morning in the conference room.” He clicks the button of his retractable pen against the desk blotter rhythmically, point in, point out…point in, point out, staring out the window.

I waver in front of his desk, waiting for direction. Do I sit or just keep standing?

“I don’t know if I should call HR in for this meeting or not. What do you think?”

He swivels around to face me point blank.

I look around nervously. Is this a joke?

“I’m not sure I understand…uhhh, did I do something wrong?”

His eyes burn with a look hovering between anger and something else I can’t define.

“By the end of this day, one of us is going to get written up…either you or me. I’m going to level with you, Ashley.  I feel harassed by your behavior this morning.”

“What? You’re not even my boss. This isn’t even my department.”

“First of all, your insubordination…but I let that go. I told you one of our staff would be in to take care of the AV for the meeting, but you had to go crawling under the table, deliberately exposing your hind quarters to me. How was I supposed to take that?”


I am starting to sweat. I can’t afford another write-up. Even though it’s only a temporary assignment, I want to keep getting jobs.

“Hey…I get it. You’ve got a fine figure. I mean, any man would be lucky. But this is a place of business and we just can’t have this sort of thing here.”

“Please don’t report me…I…what can I do?”

“When I saw the curve of your bare bottom this morning, I won’t lie. It got me agitated. In fact, I haven’t quite settled down, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

I look down, but can’t help the tingling feeling starting to build between my thighs, imagining his excitement…his desire. He’s not a bad looking guy…I just never thought of him that way.

“I think it’s only right that we resolve this issue fairly. Why don’t you have a seat.”

I sink into the nearest chair, incredulous at his nerve. He walks around his desk and over to the door, pushing in the lock button.

To be continued…