His face falls slack and he gasps, sinking in the chair, his excitement evidenced by the strained press of grey flannel between his legs.

“Shameless…” He whispers, settling back…looking me up and down again with renewed interest.

With the hem of my skirt pulled taut against the tops of my thighs,  a cool rush of air meets the warmth between and an unmistakable sensation  emanates from a spot most pleasurable.

With a light shiver, I pull the fabric down in one curt motion and stand up straight, eyeing him cooly as I move slowly toward the chair by the door where he sits. He straightens his back now, clutching the armrests with white knuckles, staring intermittently at his lap with a mix of what looks like amusement mingled with a grave restraint.

Here, in the stunned silence, he suddenly leans forward– almost crouching  over the edge of his seat– expectant for more…wearing that same crooked smirk from earlier.

I can feel his breath, hot and ragged as his eyes lock with mine again. He lunges toward me arm outstretched, but I sidestep his advance, turning my heel sharply and grasp the door’s handle.

“Wha…what are you doing?!” he stammers as his mouth fades to a grim line. He stumbles to his feet– face reddened , flinty eyes glaring with contempt…and unrequited lust.

“What I should have done this morning. I’m leaving.”

The door makes a satisfying click behind me as I walk briskly toward the elevator and make my way back to my office. The hallways are dark now, everyone has left it seems.

I fairly sprint to the double doors of my department, praying they are left unlocked. No one in this place has the key except the big wigs. I am shaken, but I feel stirrings of arousal. The adrenaline of my brazen act and my quick escape leave my heart pounding and my breath shallow, but I am also laughing with amusement.

I rush through the doors and lock them behind me, peeking through the the half-closed blinds hanging in the long windows flanking either side of the entryway. I squint into the dark corridor. Good. He’s probably (hopefully) left for the night.

I still have a few items to close out on my computer and I check my phone messages once more before I shut down the cubicle for the night. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice the sudden, glowing light from the elevator shining into the hallway. A dark form takes shape behind the blinds, but it doesn’t move.

He doesn’t knock. He just stands there. I pretend I don’t see him and go about my work. Maybe he will leave. But he remains…immobile. He is watching me.

A wicked smile begins to work the corner of my lips.

I glance up from my computer monitor to catch the sun making its slow descent in fiery orange, outside of the the floor-to-ceiling windows. Such a stark contrast against the neutral beige of the office.

I suppress any obvious awareness of his presence and feign indifference, but my posture at the desk changes. My shoulders are pulled back, chest jutted forward and up, back arched to accentuate the shape of my body in the dimming light.

I part my legs slightly and edge my hips forward to allow a better view from the door. My nerve endings stir and tingle.  I feel like a specimen under glass–being carefully examined. I bite my lip to keep from snickering with delight at another opportunity to throw him into a tailspin of desire.

To be continued…