He is rough. Rougher than I imagined he could be– taking me down in one decisive and soundless maneuver, as if subduing a small animal in the wild. His strong, unyielding hands hold me in place, pinning my cheekbone flush with the desktop. I struggle. I thrash about, my knees jangle and crash against the front of the hard wooden desk.

I scream in surprise, but also with pleasure when he fills me all at once.  I  buck and shudder uncontrollably, gulping air–my legs giving way with the intensity of my climax. I heave a sigh–my body now slack and malleable to the force of his thrusts. He holds me aloft, arms wrapped around my waist so tightly I almost lose my breath.

The room is silent but for my moans  and the rhythmic staccato slap of skin against skin. My whole body  hums with vibration, bouncing faster and faster against his powerful legs. I’ve never been manhandled  this way. He shakes me like a rag doll…pounding me again and again as my second orgasm builds. I feel like I’m coming apart–dizzy, drunk with sensation.

He grunts, then starts up a moan, deep and low…increasing in volume. Breathing hot into my ear and dripping perspiration onto my back,  his legs and hips suddenly lock rigid and I thrust back as we both contract and release, in tandem this time. He finally loosens his grip and we collapse against the desk,  hot and slippery with sweat.

He is still inside me, resting on his elbows, breathing heavily. I catch my breath and break the silence with an attempt at a joke.

“Who’s shameless now?”

He draws back suddenly, clearing his throat.


My eyes snap toward the floor, noticing the trousers bunched down around his ankles. But they are not gray flannel. They are industrial green uniform pants. And the shoes…scuffed and faded brown suede worker’s boots I recognize immediately as a janitorial staff uniform.

My whole body flushes as I suck in my breath and raise up, digging in the heels of my hands against the hard desktop, struggling once again.


“Shhhh….” He pushes my body back down again, pressing his lips to my ear.

“Por favor, no reporte me. No puedo pagar otra escritura para arriba.”

~The End