Wrapping me in a plush, white beach towel, he kisses my shoulder and hands me an icy Margarita in a stem glass.

“It’s only eleven!” I giggle– the crash of waves sounding in my ears.

“It’s the hotel’s signature drink, and besides, you are on vacation,” he grins.

Taking my other hand, he leads me down the sand to a large chaise lounge.

“I’ve been preparing a surprise for you, Love. Now be a good girl and finish your cocktail, ” he winks and bows his head to lick the salt from my lips.

“How did you know I would be out here this morning?”

“A very lucky turn of events, darling. It’s best not to question these things. Let’s just enjoy what is happening in this moment.”

He rubs my shoulders and I lay my head against his thick forearm.

“But the way we left things last summer… do you forgive me?”

“What do you think? After last night, how could you even ask me that?”

“Well, I always meant to call you back…it’s just….”

I knew that if it was meant to be I would see you again—and here we are.”

He turns his body to face mine.

“Can you accept pleasure for its own sake?” His hands gently clasp my shoulders as if to bring me to my senses.

“I don’t know if I can…but I want to.”

“Then let this be what it is.” He kisses my neck lightly, and again.

“You are free now. Free to make your own choices.”

In this moment, it is all I want and all I believe I need, the two of us, here, alone, finally we can indulge our desires without restraint, without reservation.

In the suite, I toss my towel across a chair and start to untie my bikini top.

“Allow me…”

He kisses the back of my neck while loosening the two thin sets of string, letting the top slide to the floor while cupping each breast, gently, protectively. Moving both hands down the front of my body—he glides over my belly with the flat planes of his palms and down to my bottoms.

“Your hands…they’re so warm,” I sigh, leaning my head into his chest.

So relaxed by the cocktail and the heat of our bodies—I feel my arousal beginning to burn beneath the thin fabric of my swimsuit.

“You feel pretty warm yourself,” he whispers.

“Now turn around.”

He directs me and I comply—mostly because I can’t wait to find out what happens next. I look up expectantly.

“This time,” he breathes, against my flushed face.

“This time, there are no barriers. No rules. “

His eyes lock with mine, suddenly sober.

“Do you know what you want?”


I look away– surprised by his boldness.

“I know you, Megan. And I know what you want.”

“I won’t apologize for wanting to give that to you.”

“You want.”

He kisses my lips gently.


I nod.

“You want…”

He bends to kiss my shoulder.


“Mmm hmm…”

I let my head fall back, eyes closed—lulled by the rich vibrato of his accent.

“You want.”

His fingers trace back to my breasts. He sucks my right nipple, gently.

“To be fucked.”

Then my left nipple—running his tongue in little circles around my darkened areola.

“And to be adored.”

I smooth my hands over his head as he plants kisses down my belly.

“Go on…”

I manage, in a faraway, disembodied voice I hardly recognize as my own.

“You want.”

He grasps the string of my bikini bottom in his teeth and pulls lightly.

“To be respected.”

I feel the tight fabric give way and fall down my thigh slipping to the floor—and a rush of cool air against my exposed flesh.

“And to be defiled. Like a delicious slut.”

He lightly nibbles the inside of my thigh.

“Open your legs.”

To be continued…