I fairly swoon with the intensity of my arousal–shakily adjusting my feet to allow his full view of my throbbing sex. I want him to touch me. Anywhere. Everywhere.

“You need to learn how to surrender to it, Megan.”

He says it like a command and I feel a charge begin to build, from the soles of my feet and up through my chest, hot and electric.

“Yes, you’re right. I know.”

He breathes warmth against the place that most needs attention—but he doesn’t touch. He must see I am beginning to glisten with the heat.

He stands and kisses my forehead.

A restraint slips onto my wrist and my nipples become erect with anticipation.

“Look at me.”

The heat rises in my chest, spreading to my face.

“I know this is what you want—and it’s what you need.”

Tethered to the frame of the wrought iron canopy bed, my arms above and my legs spread wide, I am completely exposed. Completely naked and vulnerable to his whim.

I strain against the strong bands of black fabric, testing their strength. I realize that I enjoy the feeling—it’s like being held. In a strange way, it feels safe.

“Now,” he sighs, almost to himself.

“I just want to look at you.”

I hear him walk over to the table and pour himself a drink. Bourbon. I smell the sweet smokiness from across the room.

“Look at you, my darling. So fucking beautiful like this.”

He sets down the glass with a sigh, looking me up and down. Studying. Thoughtful.

He returns to smooth my hair back with his cool hands and kisses me deeply.

“One last thing.”

Everything goes dark as the blindfold slips over my eyes.

I hear him pour another shot and ease into the low chair a few feet across the room. The warm space of our intimacy is broken by his distance and my legs begin to tremble.

The room is silent now and I am sensitive to every little sound. My body feels alive—electric, tuned to the subtle vibration of his movements. Somewhere in the distance I hear voices against the crash of waves. So far away.

“Now tell me again, darling.” he whispers.

“Do you know what you want?”

“Yes..” I sigh, moaning softly.

I feel lightheaded and dreamy. Every cell in my body seems to cry for relief and I feel on the verge of collapse, if not for the bonds holding me suspended.

“Touch…please…” I whisper.

“Say it.”

“Please, touch me.”

“Where do you want to be touched?”

He breathes hotly into my ear.

“Please make me…” I offer, weakly.

“I’m not going to make you come, Megan.”

I strain at the bonds, and begin to moan—my arms tingling.

“Remember? This is the game we talked about playing for so long. This is what you asked for.”

“Please, touch me.”

“Say it…where do you want to be touched?” he commands.

“I… Can’t.”

I drop my head and begin to sob quietly, without tears.

“We need to loosen your lips, Love.”

He kisses me deeply—gently probing my tongue with his in a languorous dance. I taste the effervescence of the alcohol in his mouth and can’t help the involuntary thrust of my pelvis against his thigh.

“That’s cheating, naughty girl.”

I gasp with pleasure and pain as he gives my nipple a firm pinch and backs away again.

To be continued…