I am dubious, but I play along…allowing Allison to press her body against my back and reach her arms around me, gently massaging my breasts from behind, grasping my nipples between her fingers and raising them upward as he bends forward taking each one in turn between his lips, sucking…nibbling, licking.

I begin to moan softly and sink back against her strong thighs as one hand roams to my buttocks, squeezing and kneading my flesh while he kisses me long and deep, his tongue gently wrestling with mine, exploring my mouth, my lips, my teeth. I am weak with desire, completely surrendered to their attentions.

He kneels on the floor beside the bed, turning his gaze toward the spread of my sex. Allison ‘s fingers ease toward my heat below. I’ve never been touched by a woman this way. She is confident in her movements, finding my slick wetness and opening me for his tongue, pressing her delicate fingers into my engorged and yielding flesh.

He flicks against me softly at first and then harder, grunting with his own arousal. Allison is silent, but constant in her manipulations. Both her hands now engaged between my parted legs, she slips two slick fingers inside, gliding easily in and out as he laps hungrily, making a veritable meal of me.

The intense concentration of pleasure at the very center of my sex is overwhelming. I begin to shudder, thighs trembling uncontrollably. He rises suddenly and Allison reaches out and grasps his hardness–stroking intently  as he lurches forward.

He hurriedly unties my bonds and she helps ease me back as I collapse against the bed. In an instant he is there– piercing me like a hot knife through butter.  I arch my back–moaning with the melting pleasure of being filled so completely and  her hands once again caressing my breasts…occasionally allowing a finger to wander down and play between the heat of our bodies.

I have lost all inhibition toward this stranger, fully dressed on the bed with us, watching me get fucked, even engaging my body and facilitating our actions. She never looks directly at me, or at him for that matter. She seems intent on the task of bringing us ever closer to the edge and then pulling back again.

“Oh, my god! Please don’t stop!!” I cry out. “Please!”

“That’s what I like to hear, Megan.” He leans down, whispering in my ear as he reaches beneath, grasping my buttocks with his thick hands, pulling me in tighter against his pelvis, pinning me against the mattress as he thrusts deep inside me again and again.  The entire bed rocks like the ocean beneath us.

Allison fades into the background now, but I feel her warm, soft hands stroking my hair–my forehead–feverish and damp with perspiration.

“Oh, my god, I can’t take anymore…I’m going to…!!”

My body aches for release and my muscles flex, bracing for the collision of our simultaneous release. I pulse and shudder as my orgasm rocks my body from its very core and radiates into his. He cries out, falling against me, lips grinding against mine as his body spasms with the force of his climax.

I gasp with the weight of his body–now fallen slack against mine. My hands find his head and I stroke his hair soothingly–exhausted, but exhilarated.

I turn to speak to Allison, but she is already gone.

The End.