It’s funny how they say

familiarity breeds contempt.

I think it breeds comfort.

I’ve finally stopped

worrying whether I’m doing it right.

If you really love me. If I really love you.

After all this time. I know. And you know.

And I don’t care anymore that days go by

and days sometimes turn to weeks.

I still feel your love every day and every night.

And I know you want. Just as I do.

And when we do, it’s magic.

Even after all this time…

It’s like the first time. Every time.

You know my body so well…when to give and when to withhold.

I never knew there were so many ways to be touched.

The excruciating joy of arousal…how I revel beneath the tension of your strong hands pressing against my bones as I feign a struggle for release.

You know I like something to fight…the traction of restraint against the desire for greater sensation, and that I won’t go quietly.

The gnashing of my teeth as you  clamp your hand over my open mouth to stifle the volume of my throes…reminding me to breathe.

How I  ride the wave again and again and again…never letting go until I just can’t hold on another moment.

You know. And I know.

That it’s well worth the wait.