In the delirium  of my desire,

did I somehow conjure you?

Your gestures are bold–


I can always tell

when you are hungry.

I feel your heat

It troubles my sleep

That is how I know

You are hot on my trail

Picked up my scent, yes

the game is underway.

I am wired for you.

By you.

Every adrenaline-soaked nerve ending



with anticipation and dread

Giddy and lightheaded

and so very, very high

on the sound of your breath

at my back…



Hands so close

to the  flame…

I beg to touch

to taste

Suspended here

on a precarious ledge

between sanity and sin.

I falter, I balance

and falter again

in delicious agony.

Living only moment to moment


for the sound of your footsteps

I wait…

in this painful ecstasy

in this exquisite torture.