So many ways

to reach out

and touch me

To let me know.

And we both know

how resourceful you can be

Or maybe I’m projecting.

Maybe I’m the creative one.

I need to stop over-riding

the default settings between us.

Stop blocking the inevitable

Stop forcing outcomes

Stop beating you to the punch

that was never coming anyway.

Allowing what is…to simply be.

And the fact is… you don’t

Want me

Need me

Love me

And there’s nothing I can do about it.

Can I accept this universal truth?

What would that mean?

Could I finally wash away these blues?

Give up my role…

as keeper of broken things?

You were never mine

But, I was yours. Yes, for a time.

Waiting, hungering for what was sure to be…

Knocking on your door…just once more…

when I know damn well there’s nobody home.

Wishing you would

Still wishing you will…

But you won’t.

Because you don’t.