So, here I am, counting down the final days (7) until I go back to living 9 to 5 and working for the weekend. It’s going to be another world for me. I am happy to have written every day this week, as I’ve promised myself I won’t abandon my writing–not for anything.

This week I received an unexpected prompt…a voice from my past. The moment seemed to be urging me to act in a way that has always ended up causing me suffering.

I used to see a therapist, Dr. Susan, several years back. I’ll always remember something she said: “Why not try the opposite behavior?”

Opportunities arise, but we don’t always have to pursue them. We can simply let them pass–especially when we know from previous experience things won’t end well.

But it was so, so hard to resist the urge to do what I wanted to do. I worked it out through my poems–the desire, the fear, the expectations and the disappointment. It’s all on the page. It makes it real for me. I don’t have to keep it inside anymore. It feels cathartic.

Maybe the part of me that keeps wresting my energy and time away from this individual is the self-protective part of me. The SANE part of me, not the meddling, overly strict parental figure I make her out to be.

Because the Divine knows my true, very deepest desires, I trust that what is meant to come will come and what is meant to fall away will fall away of its own accord.

I need do nothing… but carry on. And turn the page.