Such a simple concept. And yet, how easily I forget to be thankful for everything I have been given in this life.

*I came into this world with very little. I think about what I have now that I didn’t have five years ago. Ten years ago. Twenty years ago.

The opportunities I’ve been given. The second chances I’ve been granted. The third chances.

I think about who adds value to my life and the lives I add value to.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ego’s mantra of better, faster, more. There is so much good in my life that needs to be appreciated and to be nurtured.

The Universe only knows abundance.  And the answer is always yes.

Today I choose to stay in the light of honoring my life and feeding my life in ways that strengthen me and my relationships.

I choose gratitude.


*Concepts adapted from Davidji, “Guided Meditations: Fill What is Empty, Empty What is Full”