We’ve reached cruising altitude. It’s a beautiful morning– sunny, partly cloudy. We are headed to Atlanta, flying high. Our flight boarded around 6:00 a.m. We had to wake up at 4:30 to make it on time. Check-in was smooth and easy. Baggage checked. Check. From my vantage point through the little window, it looks like I am sitting on the wing, as it catches the light on its edge. All I can see is sky up here in God’s living room.

The sun is actually getting pretty hot up here. I pull down the screen. He is watching a video about photography on his phone. I am remembering details of our morning. I feel a bit fatigued and hungry. There is quite a spell of turbulence as the attendants make their way down the aisle with the beverage cart. I would, but I don’t want to have to use the restroom. He orders a coke. We share a peanut butter Clif Bar. It tastes like a cookie. I feel good. The cats are fed, the dishes are washed. I spread bedsheets over the living room furniture and made the bed. The air conditioner is set to 75 degrees. The kids will stop by the house later to check on things and bring in the mail.

I feel more at ease now we are airborne. Sometimes, though,  I have anxiety about developing a blood clot. This is a long flight. I am working through this fear. Here we are, riding in the sky–a modern technological miracle. I will never become blasé about flying. I am terrified and humbled by my vulnerability–the utter loss of control. I am in awe, grateful. All of it at once.

I think about the people back home and what they are up to this morning. Not thirty thousand feet like we are, that’s for sure. We are two lucky people, taking a chance, taking a flight, together. Looking forward to Portland, beautiful Portland.

The passenger in the seat next to me is writing, too. It’s cool to see someone else free writing, if that is indeed what he is doing. It’s starting to look more like he is copying text from a book he is reading. Something christian. He just read a chapter titled Christian Marriage. How to do everything right, I think to myself. Written by the The Righteous One. Ha ha.

We expect an hour layover in Atlanta where will will hang around the airport. That’s fine with me. Looking out my window as we descend, the sky looks like a big, white, fluffy blanket laid out for our soft landing.

After the layover our flight to Portland will be four hours long. I will settle in and do some writing. I have my very own air conditioning vent blowing overhead, a comfortable seat that I can’t figure out how to recline, in-flight entertainment in the form of a TV screen , boasting thirty-five viewable channels with the swipe of a credit card.

Trips by plane have been few and far between for me, so far. The travelers around me conduct themselves with such polite decorum and I am thankful they are all so compliant.  I want to be the most compliant passenger of them all. I just want to get where we are going with the least possible delay or discomfort.

To be continued…