The Atlanta airport terminal is so large they need a train to get you back and forth through the concourse. We took the escalator down to the train and got off at the second stop, Gate D. The train is like a subway underground. It goes superfast. Good thing, too, because we just made it to the gate, with a few minutes to spare. We sat in the terminal snacking on the sweet, juicy orange slices I packed.

Planes are inspired by birds. If there were no birds to inspire us to fly, would we have come up with the idea on our own? We are sitting in a big bird in the sky. Everything about this trip fills me with wonder and gratitude. I can’t help but be so thankful for every facet that brought this together–the money, the job, the relationship with someone who is willing to be adventurous, to go to new places. Grateful I remembered to plan and purchase and print boarding passes at home to make this smoother. Everything about this day has been so smooth. I had a little anxiety at the Atlanta airport, but all is well. We are flying now, in a big steel bird.

As we trudged through the terminal with our bags on our backs we could smell waffles and fried food. We passed Popeyes Chicken with a big line out front. The rich aroma of Starbucks wafted in the air.

I am so hungry. I can’t wait until we arrive at our final destination. I can’t wait to get some good vegan food. Even bad vegan food would be fine at this point. There was nothing vegan at the airport and really nothing on the plane, except peanuts and pretzels.

We are seated three across again and he has the window this time. Here comes the beverage cart. I wonder what it’s like to work on an airplane, to spend so much time in the sky. I wonder if they are scared–or if plane crashes are so uncommon that is just doesn’t bother them at all. There is no way I would take that job, although it’s probably more likely I would crash my work vehicle.

Passing over just the tip of Kansas, the flat farm land spreads out like a patchwork quilt. Like geometric symbols in dark and light contrasting shades of earth. The coffee has perked up my writing 🙂 My yoga practice has prepared me for this seat in the cabin. The seat in front of me is reclined and at first it made me frown, but now I’m in a C-shape with my knees against the back of the seat. My body feels pretty good for the restrictive environment. I keep shifting and rotating positions, sitting straight up with right over left leg, then the reverse for awhile.

This reminds me of long car trip when I was a kid. There were so many of us in the car, I would curl up on the floor in front of the seat and lay my head on my folded arms against it and go to sleep this way with the rumble of the engine through the floorboard.

I love the moving map on the little screen where we can track the progress of our flight. I get more expectant and excited as we get closer. Looking out the window, I see mountains over Idaho–and farmland, acres and acres of it with clouds above. I’ve never seen mountains from a plane. It reminds me again how very high we are. What a miracle.

It’s so good to be free from work, obligations, chores, my business. He is starting to doze off. He doesn’t seem as awed, but I know he is hungry, too, and thirsty, like me. We still have another hour to go. One of the best, the very best things about this trip is simply the free time on the plane to do nothing but read and write. If nothing else, this is already my favorite experience.

To be continued…