February 28, 2017, 1:30 p.m.

I had forgotten what it is like to receive unwanted male attention. The type of work I do is specialized. Most in my field are married, settled, mortgage, kids, etc. But, once in awhile there’s a wild card in the group.

I don’t know Curtis’s story, and I don’t care to–but he is overly friendly. He visits my department just to hang out and chat. He’s not even in my work group. He very obviously gave me the up and down look over as I stood in the doorway of his office today talking to a co-worker.

My work wardrobe is fashionable, but conservative–and definitely age-appropriate, so I am not encouraging that type of attention.  With one exception: my shoes. I haven’t found the perfect pair of high heel loafers I’ve been looking for, so in the interim I have been wearing sexy patent black t-straps with trouser socks. But I’ve only been wearing them with slacks.

There was a time when the ogling would have presented a challenge to me–an invitation to flirt. Nowadays I just find it annoying. Like, really??? Come on, man…find another pond to fish in! The stakes are too high in this job to mess it up like that. These days, when I’m doing business, I’m all business.

And it’s uncanny, funny, now I think about it–I have a “type”. I mean a type of guy who finds me attractive. At the same time I have a type of guy I am attracted to. And they are totally different guys. This is ongoing with me.

So, I return the smile. Laugh politely at the ill-timed jokes. And go on with my day.