“Hi, Jackie!”

She glances up, giving me a half-smile from the kitchen floor where she pets one of the bouncing dogs, but says nothing.

It’s a bit chilly in here, I think to myself. She’s not at all like Lauren.

“Are you ready?” Jackie straightens and moves to the kitchen sink to wash the dogs off her hands.

“Give me a sec, just one thing I forgot to do…” Lauren rushes back to her office.

I can feel Jackie’s eyes on me as I tend the stove, managing the heat beneath a rapidly thickening sauce.

“So, you’re the new chef, who’s gonna help Lauren get her weight under control?”

“Uh…I understand she wants to eat healthier, yes I am making some good stuff over here!” I smile, turning toward the sink to wash a skillet.

“I keep telling her…eat a salad every now and then.” Jackie stands with her arms crossed, gazing out toward the swimming pool.

“It’s all about balance, right?”

She wanders into the foyer without registering my comment.

After they leave, I finish my work and tidy up the kitchen. I’m making good time, so I decide to take a look around. I wonder if the bedrooms are as nicely decorated as the rest of the house. I love interiors and spend hours wandering decorating stores imagining someday I will have a place just like this.

I make my way up the stairs to the master bedroom after checking the bottoms of my shoes, making sure I don’t get the floors dirty. I decide to take them off, leaving them in the front hallway just to be sure.

The room is furnished in white and gold, the centerpiece being a stately four-poster bed with polished brass frame and suede  headboard. The bedding is all white and stacked with big fluffy pillows. Across from the bed hangs a huge mirror, almost the height and width of the wall itself. I see my guilty face looking back at me– sneaking around like this, but they should be gone for at least an hour. It’s not like I’m going to steal anything. I am just curious.

I know I shouldn’t, but I open the door of the armoire next to the bed to find shelves filled with a selection of various sex toys. I’ve never seen so many in one place, outside of an adult store, where I have visited from time to time, out of curiosity.

There are all colors and sizes and shapes of non-representational phalluses, lined up neatly by size, from small to extra large. Another shelf houses several kinds of lube, beside a stack of small clean towels, like at the gym. Harnesses and various leather implements hang from hooks and I can’t help fingering the stainless studs lining the edges of what looks like a dog collar hanging by itself on a thick hook to the side.

I open the deep drawer underneath and flip through books with black and white photos of vintage porn—women in extreme corsets and pointed bras posed as lesbian dominatrix’s over their partially clad submissives. I browse some of the other titles, “The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting”, “The Best Lesbian Erotica”, various books filled with more modern depictions of women in lustful bondage.

Oh, boy, I think to myself. Lauren is one kinky lady!

“There you are! We were looking everywhere!”

Lauren is standing in the doorway with Jackie looking over her shoulder. I am frozen in front of the open armoire, red-faced and red-handed.

“See anything interesting?”

Lauren steps forward first, smiling. She doesn’t look angry to find me here. She looks amused.

“Oh, um, I…I’m sorry.”

I try to leave the room, but Jackie is blocking the doorway, elbows braced against the frame and a smug expression on her face.

“ Oh, Lauren, ain’t she a peach?”

“Hey, I just want to get my things and go, okay? I didn’t touch anything, I swear.”

The ladies both move forward, closing in on me as my heart beats wildly in my chest.

“We were just getting ready to play. Why don’t you stay awhile?”

To be continued…