Sex with Brandon is safe and clean and dependable. We are comfortable together, both generous, both eager to reciprocate. We usually share a good bottle of wine and sometimes we cook for one another at his place or at mine.  One time, when his family has company and I can’t come over, he books a motel room nearby and we fuck all afternoon. I am into countertops and tables…and we try them all.

I really like just staying home over the weekends with good food and drink, music and sex.  I do this with Brandon once or twice.  We eat fresh linguine with bright green pesto. Feed each other dark chocolate and strawberries. We snuggle on the couch watching tennis– in between bedroom forays– and  just enjoy each other’s company.

We like to get dressed up and go out, though, too. One evening after dinner and two bottles of wine at Sailfish Marina, we go walking along the docks and run into a woman wandering alone. She is a bit older than us and moderately attractive, with long, straight bleach blonde hair. She is wearing a cheap flowered sundress and flip flops.

She’s not wearing a bra and her breasts are intriguingly visible beneath the sheer fabric. She seems a little drunk and we decide we should try to pick her up. I think it will be fun to watch him in action…trying to seduce this random woman into joining us for a drink somewhere. I am also, in my inebriated state, fully prepared for whatever might happen after drinks. She agrees to follow us to the Radisson. We walk back to his red Mustang, head  over to the hotel and take our seats at the quiet little bar. She never shows up.

Our seduction attempt fails miserably, but  we still have fun that night. He puts the top down and we speed along the highway doing 85 mph in a 50 mph zone blasting Aerosmith as we sing at the top of our lungs: “You’re my Anngggellll…come save me tonight, come save me tonight, come save me tonight….”

I am so revved up after our adventure that I decide to quietly slip him into my room. Because he is too wasted to achieve an erection I introduce him to the single girl’s toolbox.  After enthusiastically employing my favorite device for a few minutes, he passes out between my thighs, with it still in his grip. I manage to rouse him enough to drag him out to his car, because he absolutely cannot be there when the sun comes up.

As much fun as we have together, there are still  fundamental reasons why I know this will never work out long-term. The age difference, the fact that he wants to get married and have kids someday. And, of course, the fact that the more I get to know him, the more I realize that I don’t really like who he is at the core of his character. He is nasty and unkind to strangers for no good reason and that bothers me. He uses and manipulates people without remorse. He’s not really a nice guy at all. I guess I am using him too, although I feel at times that we have a strong emotional bond. It’s complicated.

To be continued…