Most of my readers know what my two favorite things are. But you may not know about the third thing. Movies! Movies are a great way to get out of my head now and then. But, I’m not a reckless over-consumer in that regard at all, just like the other two things. I am all about quality. I like a well made film with a solid script, plot, photography, art direction, performance.

Occasionally I will venture out to my local theater though, even when there is nothing “good” playing–just for the outing and the opportunity to sit and discuss over coffee afterward. That’s just about my favorite part. The post-film discussions. These used to be over wine, and my evaluations as such–were way more long-winded and intellectual, of course, ha ha. Nowadays, my high comes from caffeine and sugar at the coffee shop across the plaza.

I don’t have children at home anymore, but I still enjoy contemporary animated films featuring the voices of some of my favorite actors. This movie definitely picked the right guy to play the lead in Will Arnett. Point number one. By the way…when are we gonna get a second season of “Flaked”? I love that series.

The plot of this movie is surprising–as we find Bruce Wayne approaching middle age (in Lego years) apparently in the throes of an existential crisis. The dramatic elements were surprising to me, but not entirely unwelcome. We know he has a dark history, so it makes sense. I don’t know how much for the children in the theater, but in my experience this has always been the way–the action is for the kids, the story is for the grownups that have to sit through it. I found the film to be balanced enough to hold my attention, though, with enough funny moments that I found myself laughing aloud several times.

The action and animation were spectacular, as we have come to expect with our current technologies, although (and this is probably due to my age) I found the graphics at times overwhelming–too much going on at once–like a high-speed video game (I’m not a player).

The story explored, along with the usual good versus evil elements, the positive, wholesome themes of family, friendship and cooperation and even delved into the more complex aspects of relationships. I even got just a little teary-eyed in one scene toward the end. I was doubly impressed with the democratic handling of the female roles. Mariah Carey even voices a small part as the mayor of Gotham City! What a hoot!

Although I think it ran a little long–they could have cut one of the battle scenes and we wouldn’t have missed it, all in all I believe this movie will accomplish what it set out to do: sell more legos and associated merchandise!

Not a wasted twenty dollars I have to say–and I’m kinda looking forward to the next Lego adventure 🙂