Strip away the nightly administered drug, my elegant, voluptuous red companion, so regally adorned by the finest, thinnest imported glass.

I still yearn to taste the earth on my tongue. I become a connoisseur of tea and coffee and spice. Strip that away and I will still celebrate the complexity–the subtle nuance in a glass of water. Appreciate the sensual simplicity and dire necessity of that which sustains all life. And savor the juxtaposition.  I’m still here.

Strip away the hours stolen by an improper and ill-timed online relationship. My  vain, incessant longing for attention and erotic sensation.  All the luminous energy that created me refracts, reflects— releasing my spirit and emotions back once again, into my own skin. And the goddess returns. I’m still here.

Strip away the false identity of a vocation. What do I do for a living? I live. Freed of the burden of expectations and definitions. And become the master of my own life.

Strip everything away. And I’m still here. Every day. Becoming more and more…