Lost in Portland: A Journey through Denial, Bargaining and Acceptance.

He gauges my emotional temperature with a kiss. I am shut down. Collapsed. Defeated. I took the hottest bath I could. I am focused on making my body comfortable. I realize fear plays a major role in my emotions about this trip. He is a cautious driver, but not a technically skilled driver.

We’ve reached the final day of our trip. There has been some soul searching going on here for me. I have come to the conclusion that visiting here is great. Just like the TV show Portlandia, it’s entertaining and then it’s over. I am happy to go home. I don’t know where I would fit in here…maybe an artisan cupcake shop with a one-word name, like “Icing” or “Frosting” or just “Sweet”.


I wrote about eight pages on this trip. I feel like a lot has changed. I just woke up from a three-hour nap that was exactly what I needed. Now, I am back home, picking up where I left off in my life. Where was I? I’ve been away from my daily tasks, my computer, my yoga practice–all of it, for a week. Why? To see if there was something out there more enjoyable? I didn’t find it. I feel like this trip exposed fundamental differences between us. I feel like it pushed me to the limits of tolerance mentally and physically. The cold, the rain, the walking everywhere, the navigation. It was like this when we visited New York for the Roger Waters concert last year, but thank goodness it was a short trip.

Friday I lost the desire to keep recording my thoughts and experiences on this trip. I will try to recollect, though. Breakfast at Prasad, lunch at Papa G’s and dinner at Vita Cafe.

A five-word review for each restaurant:

Prasad: Holistic, bustling, organic, wholesome, earnest.

Papa G’s: Hippie, natural, basic, friendly, sustainable

Vita Cafe: Loud, busy, hip, stylish, trendy

Los Gorditos: Open, bright, colorful, tasty, saucy

Homegrown Smoker: Fun, barbecue, sweet and tangy, comfort, friendly

Dovetail Bakery: Quiet, small, warm, introverted, exclusive

Hot Lips: Healthy, delivery, organic, veggie, expensive

Proper Eats: Real! Tasty, comfort food, healthy, portions!

Sweet Pea Bakery: Laid-back, friendly, extensive menu, breakfast, coffee!

Loving Hut: Clean, processed food, friendly, delicious Chai, parties

Blossoming Lotus: Upscale, trendy, fussy menu, exclusive, expensive

To be continued…