When you spoke of arousal

You used the word rage

How it roiled like the sea…

threatened to wash us both away.


I was frightened by the word.

Frightened by the implication.

The violence of your  desire.

Your lurid use of prose.


The way you fucked my mind…

and I felt it in my body.

Yet, we are an ocean apart.


Strange, how the tables have turned

and I see, only now, how much we are alike.


The fires I set, leaving them to burn…

ashes of unrequited lust in my wake.

The cold absence of remorse.


And each time, I’ll get stronger.

I’ll get better at this game…

 harness the rage,

channel the crushing force…

into words, into beauty, into art.


It’s never for nothing.

And now…finally.

Now, I understand.