I raise up from the sofa with a sudden jolt of embarrassment at apparently falling asleep in his room, after only two drinks. My handbag rests in a slump on the lacquered coffee table where I dropped it.

 His  voice echoes from inside the bathroom. Again, he beckons me to join him.

“I took the liberty of picking up a few things while I waited for the sleeping beauty to awake.”

I see he’s been shopping and in no small way. There are several  bags in various sizes lined up on the floor by the sofa.

“Oh, you didn’t have to do that. I really can’t stay, Rick…”

“You don’t have to stay, Penelope. I just want to make you more comfortable if you choose to. Would you like a hot bath?”

“Who wouldn’t?” I wander to the door in my bare feet. Suddenly shy, I grip the door frame. Afraid to let go. To let it begin.

“Well come on then, let’s get you undressed.”

I hesitate in the doorway of the bathroom, because I’m not yet sure what I am agreeing to. The steam carries a soothing scent of vanilla and cedarwood as he sits down on the edge of the tub, dipping a hand into the fragrant water, waiting patiently. I steady myself  and fixate on my bare feet against the cool marble.


I hesitantly accept his outstretched hand and allow him to guide me into the space between his parted thighs.

“Do you trust me?”

Clasping both my hands, he looks up earnestly into my eyes.

“Yes.” I nod, helpless to resist–the heat of my desire rekindled by his words.

Reaching around my hips, he slowly unzips my skirt, letting it slide to the floor. In this vulnerable state, my arms hang loosely at my sides and it feels awkward being undressed like this.  I don’t object, but give over control at his insistence.

“Such a lovely girl…” he murmurs, unbuttoning my sheer blouse. I feel my nipples harden at his words and the sudden exposure of standing in front of him in just my panties and bra. He uncovers my body, slowly, almost reverently, carefully folding each article and placing them on the vanity behind us.

“Turn around.”

He stands up, appearing in the mirror behind me as I gaze at the two of us, together in a way we have never been before. Our eyes meet and he smiles softly, unhooking the clasp as I cup my hands reflexively over the sheer fabric veiling my breasts, and  the satin straps slide down my shoulders.

Now, he is the bold one. Holding the knowledge of my fantasies, my lust for him. I  suddenly become shy, silent, submissive. I don’t stop him when he tenderly peels the thin elastic of my panties down my hips with a soft murmur of pleasure as he reveals my most intimate secret.

Holding his hand, I lower my  body into the tub. Comfortable with his gaze now, I settle back into the mounds of scented foam. He swirls the wash cloth through the warm water and brings it to my shoulder, gently squeezing rivulets down my chest to balance at the tip of each erect peak before rolling down to pool at my navel and into the smooth cleft of my sex. The sensation is at once soothing and exciting.

“How does that feel…is the water warm enough?”

His voice is like a purr, slow and meditative.

“Yes, it feels good…”

I lean my head back and close my eyes, truly enjoying his attentions as he lathers my hair with expensive shampoo he must have picked up earlier. It’s rather chaste, actually, the way he calmly washes and tends to my body…and I wonder when the page will turn.

“Did you expect me to pounce on you like a lion?” He whispers lightly in my ear, his fingertips undulating against my scalp as he massages away the last vestiges of resistance.

“I don’t know what I expected…I’ve never, I mean…”

He rinses my hair, and squeezes it, gently shaking the excess water and wrapping a plush towel around my head as I rise from the tub, beads of water clinging delicately to my skin.

“My sweet girl, you are worth taking my time over.”

To be continued…