Turning  to face him, I drape my arms around his shoulders as he  brings his lips to mine. His kiss, at first tentative, grows more passionate, more insistent–his tongue boldly exploring my mouth, pressing deeply.


 My body responds to his hunger, urging my mouth open wider to accept him. I’ve never felt so warm and familiar and yet so incredibly turned on before with anyone.

“Mmmm…” We both moan in an exotic harmony.


A gasp rises in my throat as my thighs part reflexively in eagerness for his touch. Straddling his hips, I bring my warm, melting center as close as physically possible to his. He slides the silky fabric of my top down my shoulders, moving his lips lower, down my neck, to my chest, stopping just above my breasts.


Arching my back, I jut toward his lips, clasping his head in my hands– urging him lower as he plucks the strap of the camisole with his teeth, releasing the creamy pink flesh of my breast. He teases with his tongue while his right hand peels down the waistband of my panties.


“It’s…I’m… really…uh, wet…” I stammer.


“Of course you are…”


Tracing an index finger down the slippery silk, he nudges the leg opening to the side to discover the evidence of my overheated flesh.


“Oh, my god you are so wet!” He growls in surprised amusement– playfully grasping a fistful of my hair and bringing my face back down to meet his. I suck in my breath at the sudden contact  and he kisses me deeper, slipping a second finger into play down below– gently but urgently exploring the slick terrain between. My hips thrust toward him,  of their own accord. Wanting more.


“Don’t stop…don’t stop…” I pant, my breath uneven…ragged, as I throw my head back in pleasure.


He pauses between kisses, eyes glazed with heightened arousal. I wonder if I look as high as I feel. The sudden intensity of my orgasm rocks me forward and back with contractions of pleasure as I pulsate against his fingers, now stilled by the force of my climax. Collapsing against his chest I burrow my face in his neck. Catch my breath. He smells earthy…like bergamot and freshly-mown grass.


As if in a trance, it feels so natural to reach down to unfasten his trousers, but he grasps my hands, pulling me to my feet between his legs.


“Let’s get you out of these…”


I shimmy out of my soaked panties as my camisole is lifted over my head. He bends to kiss me again and still fully clothed, leads me to the bed and nods for me to lie down. I fall back easily, against the mound of cool, fluffy white pillows.


My orgasm, which normally would have taken the edge off my appetite, only serves as fuel tonight. He hands me a fresh glass of wine and standing at the end of the bed, slowly unbuttons his shirt and slips out of his shoes, without taking his eyes off me. The smooth, fleshy curve of my hips, my breasts, my shoulders.


Propped up on one elbow, I smile like a Cheshire cat. Wine always makes me smile too much. I take a long  sip, then set the glass on the table beside the bed.


“Why are you teasing me?” I mewl, crawling down the bed to kneel on the end in front of him.


“Because you like it.” He takes my face in his hands, crouching down to kiss me.

“How do you know?”


“Just a feeling I get. That you don’t like to be rushed.”


He starts to unfasten his pants and I brush his hands away impatiently…taking over the task I started earlier.

“But, when I’m hungry, I want to eat!” I smile up at him mischievously, stroking my face against the smooth fabric of his boxers and the hardness beyond as I slide his trousers the rest of the way down.

“So do I…” He bends forward and pushes me back against the bed gently. With his body covering mine, my back is flat against the clean, soft sheets and his erection presses insistently through his thin shorts.  I burn to feel him inside me.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pull him closer as our lips and tongues dance again and the fire rekindles…rising from deep in my belly. I run my fingers through his closely cropped salt and pepper hair, moaning into his mouth…pulling him down, pleading for more. I want all of him.

To be continued…