He moves down my body with his lips, kissing, caressing, stroking every inch of skin, his hot breath hovering just inches from where the heat burns most intensely.


“Please…” I whisper.

He is deliberately slow, provoking me into frenzy bordering on hysteria–his lips, tongue and hands exploring every contour of my secret landscape, inside and out. It builds quietly but steadily with every touch, dispersing through me like liquid heat.  My legs shudder and spasm uncontrollably, my breath  erratic.


“Uggghhhh! Oh, my god!!! I’m gonna….!”


I erupt again, throb and convulse, clutching his head between my hands to stop his movements. He crawls back up to kiss me. I taste my own saline sweetness on his mouth.

“That was amazing…” I trail off, dazed and limp– arms and legs thrown carelessly across the big bed.


He smiles, getting up to retrieve cold water from the mini-fridge.


“I could hardly tell, ” he laughs softly, shifting into the bed at my side, drawing the coverlet over me.


I take a long, cool drink–feeling warm and safe and dare I say…loved.


He holds me close, his hand on the back of my neck. I rest my head on his chest, allowing a few moments to recover from the most intense oral sex experience I have ever had. I am not used to this level of attention– this complete concentration on my pleasure.


Jeremy tends to cut to the chase when it comes to sex and then falls right to sleep after…and sometimes leaves me unsatisfied, I admit.


But this is different. Deliciously so.  He is still rock hard I discover, when my hand grazes him quite deliberately. I am surprised by my voracity. I can hardly wait to taste him. I glance up for the reaction in his face.


“Are you still hungry?” he smiles beatifically.


“Can I?”


I haven’t done this type of thing very much since Jeremy told me he doesn’t like it. He says it makes him come too fast. But I have studied the girls in the videos and I think I do it pretty well.


Rolling down the waistband of his shorts, he is finally revealed, standing at attention, deep pink and glistening with prolonged agitation. He is larger than I imagined in all those tortured nights lost in fantasy, trapped between the world of a girl and that of the woman I was becoming.


The image of his rugged, manly body poised over mine filled my dreams back then. Oh, yes, I imagined all sorts of forbidden things we would do someday. And it would be our secret. No one ever would have to know. And now the fantasy has become real, no one will know. Not that anyone would believe it anyway…especially Daddy. What would he think of his little girl now?


Somehow this notion amuses me and I smile, eyes locked with my newfound lover’s– wrapping my hand around tightly, giving a solid squeeze before lowering my waiting mouth onto the swollen ridge of his taut, fleshy knob and further, deeper–caressing the shaft with my tongue…savoring the sticky salt of his skin.


His reaction is immediate–swelling larger against the stretch of my lips.  I moan into the stiff fullness, working him to a desperate state, my hand now slick with saliva,  up then down, then lower. He wraps my hair firmly around his fingers, controlling the rhythm and depth until I feel his whole body stiffen with urgency. Every inch of his skin is hot to the touch as I bring him boldly to the edge. Driven by the imminent need to consume and be consumed by the lust that  seems to engulf every cell of my being.


He strokes my hair approvingly when I don’t pull my mouth away, allowing his contractions to fill my throat– because I want all of him inside me.


“AAAAHHHH……” he grunts with a final shudder–his body falling slack where a moment before it held the supreme tension of impending release.


I could never see myself doing this with anyone. But with Rick it just seems natural. Here in the semi-darkness the outside world simply doesn’t exist. I am lost to the sensations, suspended in time. There is nothing more I want, except for this dream to go on forever.


To be continued…