A friend from work

How you casually introduced me


to Tina,

with the tiny pink feather clip in her hair.

Was she your second or your third wife?


Green means Go

 for shrimp cocktail lunches

 and afternoon strolls in the park


Later, in your truck

an inquisitive hand

in my pantyhose

sticky with want


‘I feel like a teenager,’

you said.

So nervous and unsure

To say the wrong thing

To cross that line


The dinner on the water

and the drive home

‘Tina’s out of town,’ you said,

as if it were coincidence.

A swim in the pool?

A glass of wine?


I could picture the scene

The romance of it all

Consummation at last


And why not?

I was free, nowhere to be

I’d done this kind of thing before


Maybe I would have…

with the state I was in 

kissing with my top undone


Maybe I would have…

such a tempting offer

 if I’d never known her name.