He gathers me in his arms and our lips meet, tenderly at first–building to urgency. I roll  onto my back, pulling the towel away. Leaning on one elbow and sweeping my legs apart with his knee, he mouths my breast, dipping a warm hand between my legs again, testing, teasing the swollen bead at dead center…listening for the sounds that emanate from my lips. I can’t help crying out in pleasure, yet again.

“Yes…oooh, yes…”

Then his fingers…first two, then three…I lose count. Faster, in time with my response, masterfully manipulating my sensitive nerve endings into feverish bliss. His hot, wet mouth clamped over mine. I can’t take anymore. I grip his shoulders and roll him over on top of me. Scooting my body under his, our lips never lose contact.

His weight presses against my chest and I feel again the pounding message of his heart vibrating through me. A rasping groan rises from somewhere deep in my throat as I  grind insistently against the smooth, immovable rod of his cock, sliding my engorged sex up and down against him in anticipation of what is sure to come next, but to no effect. I am dying for him to finally fill me with what I am craving. He pretends not to notice, sliding his head down between my thighs to where his tongue now takes the place of his fingers.

I can’t wait any longer.

“Mmmmm….now let me do you…” I announce breathlessly, rolling him over forcefully– pushing his back against the pillows without waiting for a response. My hands move from his shoulders to his arms, pinning them beneath mine as I swing my hips over his saddle.


I detect a different tone in his voice. One of caution, but he doesn’t move to stop me. I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth as I mount his thick staff. Breathless and flushed with exertion, engulfing him in silky, liquid velvet. one pulsing inch at a time. We fit together so perfectly. Like it was meant to be.

He groans surrender into my mouth and I finally take all of him inside me, our bodies now flush, as close as they could possibly be. Completely engaged and connected. I sense every twitch and shudder of his response as I begin to move slowly, gliding up and bearing down on his glorious wand.

I want to go faster…harder. I want to feel the earth of the bed quake beneath our lust- torn bodies as I slide back and forth, up and down, in and out. Again. And again. And again. I want more and I never want it to end.

I raise up to balance on my knees, riding him like a cowgirl. Like the girls in the videos. He reaches for my soft, young breasts. They shake and bounce as I pound his throbbing tool relentlessly up and down.

“Is this what you wanted, baby?” He gasps deliriously,  grabbing my hips and  pulling them down firmly as he thrusts upward…driving his heat deeper into me with every stroke.

“God, yes…”

We build a rhythm that sends me keening with rapture as I hang on to the headboard and rock my body with his, deeper and harder.

We don’t use protection. I can’t imagine what I need protecting from. I have known Rick all my life. I know him (and I love him). In this moment, I don’t care about anything but the  passionate fire our long-awaited coupling has kindled and how quickly it is consuming us both.

Locking a heavy thigh around mine, he rolls me seamlessly onto my back. Grasping my legs brusquely, he lifts my hips aloft, diving in again, increasing the tempo of our lovemaking to a stacatto pitch, thighs ferociously pounding against my buttocks.

“Don’t. Stop!”

I can’t get enough, it seems…hovering on the edge of release…not wanting it to end. Not yet.

His expression is doggedly earnest– and his eyes never leave mine. When his breathing becomes short  I can tell he is rapidly reaching his peak–and I have been holding mine at bay, waiting for this moment.

We cling and clutch through spasms of simultaneous climax and then he falls against me in a heap, sweat dripping from his forehead and his brow, stinging my eyes. Falling silent, our bodies are finally still and sated, rolling to a stop at our final destination. We lie on our backs now, side by side.  Listen to the sound of our own breathing.

A faint tickling of dawn streams through the big picture window with the lovely view of the city.

“I wish…” I whisper quietly.

“I know. So do I.” He picks up my limp hand and gives it a soft kiss then lays it gently back on the pillow. Right where he found it.

To be continued…