Remember when

I was your favorite diversion?

From the time you woke up

until your last waking hour?

You carried me with you 

throughout the day

Like a recurring melody

And played me over and over again.

With just words

the glorious and powerful words,

we stoked and stirred

our fires down below.

I went about my day

My hands at work

My mind at play

My body tuned to your frequency.

How your hands would tremble,

you said,

with the suggestions 

your words would surely imply.

But, I wanted it all!

There is no love without obsession.

Not for me.

It was me and it was you–

a combination unlike any other

Ever again.

I know. I have tried.

I see you’ve moved on

it’s only right you should.

Better for us both.



I go about my day

 with only memories now

of our words…

that will burn forever.