Gentleman that he is, Henry obliges. Walks slowly toward the room, heart pounding. Leaning over to hook a finger through the waistband of the pink skirt, the soft chiffon blouse, scooping them from the floor. She’s so beautiful, he thinks to himself. I can’t believe this is happening. She must really like me.

Valerie waits at the foot of the platform bed, leaning backward against outstretched arms. Fingers spread wide, hands planted in the mattress. Eyes narrowed and sleepy, she dangles her open legs over the edge, paddling her feet in the air impatiently.

A small lamp with a red scarf thrown over the shade sits in a corner of the room, slicing a scarlet path across her naked body. Now she’s all breasts, thighs, bush, eyes. Henry doesn’t know where to look first. Stands in the doorway, stunned, holding her discarded clothes.

“Just put those anywhere.” She scoots her bottom closer to the edge of the bed, sits upright, at attention,  chest jutting provocatively.

Henry carefully places the smoky-sweet scented bundle of fabric on a chair by the door and shuffles out of his shoes, undoing his belt. He leaves his trousers and underpants in a pile and crouches on the floor between her thighs. She tastes like sweat and desire.

Valerie sets up a moan right away, pulsating with arousal when he wriggles his tongue against the hard, glistening bead at the center and claws Henry’s shirt up his back hungrily.  He pauses to pull it off and toss it on the floor.

She grabs his head with both hands, grinding her wet sex against his tongue, his lips, his nose.  A high keening wail rings in his ears when she comes, his index and middle fingers lodged deep inside.

“Fuck! I needed that.” She pushes her body toward the pillows eyes closed, legs slack and welcoming.

Henry crawls up the bed and pauses for a moment.

“I didn’t bring…I mean, I didn’t know…”

“No prob.” She rolls over and snatches one of several small plastic squares scattered across the top of the bedside table and rips the corner with her teeth, all in one seemingly fluid motion.

The slippery latex feels foreign. Muted. But it’s okay. It’s been so long, Henry thinks to himself. Better safe than sorry. He enters easily and she locks her strong legs around his back.

Rocking back and forth with the friction, she milks him with her muscles, squeezing and releasing, over and over.  Her breasts rise and fall,  shudder and shake, taking on a momentum of their own. He catches them in both hands, squeezing tightly, bending to lick the taut flesh.

“Uhh! Uhh! Ooooooohhhhh! Oh my God!” Valerie bucks her pelvis against his, with another  staccato of contractions, suddenly releasing her grip, legs splayed open wide against the mattress.

Henry thrusts faster now in her slick wetness as the heat of her orgasm engorges his  cock with renewed incentive. He mashes his lips against hers. Our first kiss, Henry thinks to himself. Her mouth is sticky and dry from the weed and she pulls away, moaning loudly about how big he is. She knows men like to hear that.

“Oh, yeah! Deeper!” That did the trick, Valerie thinks to herself. It can be so tiresome waiting for a man to come.

They lay on their backs watching the ceiling fan spin lazy circles.

So different than Sharon, Henry thinks to himself. Such a fruitless endeavor, as the years wore on–keeping up with her capricious demands in and out of bed. Her ever- shifting moods as their desire for each other dwindled. The eventual wasteland of nothing. He really couldn’t remember the last time.

“Hey, you need to leave before my roommate comes home,” she says soberly.

“Oh, okay. You have a roommate? But you only have one bedroom, yeah?”

“It’s complicated,” she sighs impatiently.

“But you really need to get going.”

“To be continued…