The sudden sting on my bottom raises the skin on my arms and tingles between my legs.  He swivels the desk chair around and orders me to have a seat. I can’t suppress my grin of delight at his taking charge of me like this. I love being told what to do.

I sit down in the chair like a good girl, skirt now rolled up to my waist. He pulls down the thin straps of my camisole, revealing my breasts– aereolas darkened, the rosy pink flesh stretched taut with arousal.

I lean back against the headrest, loving every second of this concentrated attention.

He turns toward the desk to extract a set of fur-lined handcuffs from the case. I feel a surge of adrenaline course through my entire body.

“Give me your wrists.”

He clicks the cuffs in place and I test them, pulling against the restraints and then placing my bound hands heavily in my lap.  I am held captive to his whim. He can do whatever he wants with me now. I have never felt so free.

“Now, spread your legs. Let me see that pussy.”

I scoot down in the chair so he can get a better look, opening my thighs wider–in a most unladylike display.

“Oh, my god, look at you—so fucking wet.”

I wiggle against his fingers, as they dip inside my warmth, gliding smooth against my engorged sex just the way I like it. Talking dirty, just like I asked him to.

“That’s what you like, isn’t it? You want me to have my way with you, don’t you?”

“Yes!” I breathe sharply as he brushes his hardness against my lips. Teasing at first.

The hum of my moans vibrate in my ears  as he pulls my head rhythmically into each stroke. I strain against the cuffs, knowing there is nothing I can do to stop him. I love it.

“You like me to be firm with you, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm hmmmmm.”

He pulls out abruptly—leaving my mouth open and hungry for more.

“Bend over!” he directs, pointing to the plush, white duvet.

Bracing my elbows against the bed, I lean over at my hips–stance wide. My leg muscles strain and elongate  against my stilettos planted firmly in the floor.

“Look at this ass…” He growls, sliding his swollen rod between my cheeks, lightly grazing the tight, sensitive areas, making me twitch with pleasure.

I give a squeal of pleasure as he presses  against my slippery entrance.

“Yes!” I pant, arching my hips  against the bed, urging him inside me now, my legs jangling impatiently against the tension. The urgency of my desire sharpens, poised just at the edge. The wait is excruciating.

He enters slowly, palm pressing against the small of my back.

“Oh, fuck… your pussy is so hot.”

Hanging my head, my long hair brushing against the cuffs, I push back deeper, grinding against him– wanting more.

He pulls out, giving my rear end another smack.

“I know you like to be teased…naughty girl.”

I whimper softly, enjoying the stinging warmth spreading across the flesh of my right buttock. He releases the cuffs and rubs my wrists as I rest my head for a moment against the soft bed.

“Get your knees up there,” he directs.

To be continued…