Author’s Note: For scene continuity, you may wish to read Part 3 first.

I crawl up, lifting my bottom high off the edge of the bed, spike heels sticking up as he pushes my head down.

“Oh, yes, that’s better.” He clicks the cuffs in place again, this time with my hands behind my back. I enjoy the stretch across my chest and shoulders. My movement is even more restricted and I feel so turned on right now. So dirty.

I can’t wait for whatever happens next. With my face pressed against the bed, my rump in the air, I feel completely exposed and vulnerable. The sensation is euphoric. My inhibitions are a distant memory. Whatever he wants to do to me, I am so ready.

Tending my engorged bead with one hand, he presses a slippery finger against my tight little opening. I moan and press into his hands, overwhelmed by the dual sensations. Another finger slips in easily…and then I feel something larger, slide in so slowly– smooth as silk and heavy, filling me up, stretching my nerve endings and lodging there. I reach my fingers between to feel the smooth, bejeweled end of the polished steel plug, protruding just enough to retrieve it.

He enters me again and begins to move slowly,  grasping my cuffed wrists with one hand and guiding me up and down on his slippery rod.

“Oh. My. God.” I cry out.

My hips buck and heave as I begin to shudder with the intensity of the double penetration. Even with the cuffs on I manage to stretch my palms flat against my buttocks and with my fingertips, spread open wide for him to see.

“Oh, that’s a good girl.” He groans loudly and starts to stroke faster.

“Please! Please! Harder!” I cry.

He grabs my cheeks with both hands, bringing me down hard against  his thrusts–over and over and over. The feeling is hypnotic–entrancing. I feel completely outside myself. I am an object, without thoughts or judgments or emotions.

I feel like a bundle of electricity–like there is lightning racing through my blood. I feel out of control, my orgasm building– burning for my own touch between my legs.

“Please uncuff me!” I gasp, breathlessly.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, but just one.”

He releases my right hand and repositions himself between my legs. On all fours, I lean back and he fills me again–this time slowing the pace, keeping rhythm with my hand working between my thighs.

“You like when I am firm with you, don’t you? Are you gonna come for me, baby?”

“Oh, my god, yesss…” My hand stiffens as I breathe deeply into the release, savoring every delicious spasm as we climax together.  My knees buckle beneath me and I collapse into the bed.

“Did you come so good?” he whispers, leaning over, kissing the back of my neck.

“Yes,” I sigh heavily, sinking into the pillow. “Oh, my god, yes.”

Now are you ready for dinner??” His warm breath tickles my ear.

I turn over to face him, still dazed.