Epiphanies come slowly for me,

but here’s one:


It was never about me

It was always about you.

Your love only a reflection

of your need.


We matched so perfectly

For awhile

And then you were gone…

Looking to feel new again.



And I know I love too easily

and for too long.

You saw this too…

Didn’t you?



But then,

my pain, my anger,

my devastating sense of loss

Was never about you.



It was already there, under my skin

waiting to be reawakened.

And I finally feel, not just know…

that your not loving me

Doesn’t make me unworthy 

of love.



All this time…

I imagined myself enslaved

by memories

of something I never even had.

It was all a dream

that turned to nightmare



But now you are gone.

Really gone.

And somehow

all that’s left to feel

 is relief.