A hush falls over the living room, except for the sound of the girls shifting nervously in their seats and a few incoherent whisperings.

“Are you serious?” I gasp, setting down my drink and scanning the room at the stunned, but amused expressions of my friends.

“There’s no better way, Stacey! It will be fun, trust me! We’re all friends here, right?”

“This is gonna be good.” Grace giggles, elbowing Nicole, my yoga teacher. She smiles demurely in response, but with a bit of a twinkle in her gaze.

“Now, all of our products are designed to be used alone or with a partner.”

Without missing a beat, Jennifer unzips her skirt and lets it slide down her hips, stepping out carefully and folding it over the back of a chair. Her auburn bush is well trimmed, nestled between sleek, strong thighs.

“How about one of the bar stools from the kitchen? I need a little elevation so everyone can see.”

She moves comfortably, naturally, without an ounce of inhibition, even though she has been sipping only ice water all evening.

The room is silent as she perches her naked bottom on the bar stool and opens her legs wide, giving everyone a generous view of everything in between.

I can’t believe we are doing this, but they all seem to be on board, fascinated by this sudden turn of events.

“Stacey, would you apply some of the passion fruit lube to my clitoris?”

I grasp the bottle, hands shaking, and approach her from the side, trying not to look directly at her down there.

“Ok, just a couple drops…right there, yes.” I lightly squeeze, once and again.

She spreads her labia with two fingers, exposing her glistening pink flesh.

Lightly touching her dark little nub with a freshly manicured index finger, she gives a little gasp as the cool lubricant meets the heat of her body.

She caresses with the tip of her finger in a slow circular motion and then brings it to her tongue.

“The passion fruit lube has a nice, sweet flavor.”

She licks her glossy lips and looks around the room, smiling.

“Can everybody see? Move in closer if you need to…”

They nod, mesmerized. I see a couple of my friends blush, nervously averting their eyes and I hear a few throats clearing.  I  hear someone whisper, ‘Oh my God’.

But I also detect low murmurs of approval and perhaps even a bit of arousal at Jennifer’s daring presentation here in my living room on just another Friday night.

To be continued…