“Here, pass it around…”

We each squeeze a little drop of the lube on our finger and taste it. It’s sticky sweet, like candy.

“There’s no harm in a little finger play before he goes down on you, and he won’t mind the taste, he may even like it!”

“If only…” I hear someone say. Everyone laughs.

“Once the area is prepared–and girls, you know what I mean,” Jennifer winks lustily.

“Turn the wand on the lowest setting to start off. Stacey, would you do the honors?”

“Seriously?” I feel a rush of heat to my face with just the suggestion.

“It will make for a more interesting presentation, come on!” she whispers as she pulls her top off over her head and unhooks her lacy pink bra releasing proud young breasts– darkened nipples erect from the sudden draft of cool air.

With her bold and naked in front of me I feel like I can’t say no to anything she wants.

“Reach around from behind, yes, that’s it.” She rests her backside again on the bar stool resuming her open posture toward the room.

I turn on the device and it vibrates against my palm, emitting a low hum. She smells so nice, like warm cinnamon and passion fruit, as I wrap my arm around her slender waist and lower the wand  between her parted thighs.

“The wand will bring you to climax twice as fast as a traditional vibrator because of our patented technology. See, all the power is concentrated in the tip, where we need it most. It’s a real timesaver!”

“Ooooh! That feels great, Stacey! Now move it slowly in a little circle, yes, like that…”

I move the wand rhythmically over her slippery clit. Her hips thrust, rocking forward and back with the intensity of the vibration.

She squeezes her breasts with both hands and lays her head back, leaning heavily against my body. She closes her eyes, releasing a blissful moan.

A loud murmur of gasps and whispers rises in the room and I swear I feel a wave of heat coming off the group as they become more and more invested in Jennifer’s pleasure.

She rolls her head back and forth now against my heart, that is just about beating out of my chest.

“Oh, yes, keep going…oh,oh, that’s so good!”

“I’ll have what she’s having!” Grace blurts out, excitedly.

To be continued…