Melissa shakes her head violently.

“No…you don’t have to do that, really…it’s okay.”

She smooths her skirt down against her thighs nervously and flashes me a look.

Eric turns to me, searching my eyes for a reaction.

“I don’t think I’m allowed to do that. Honey, I’m not allowed to do that, am I?”

I maintain a cool reserve.  I am in no condition to be making this kind of judgment call– but I am actually giving the idea some thought. I get a secret thrill at the notion of sharing his practiced talent with this unfortunate girl.

“As long as you keep your pants on…”

I smile but my eyes give him a non-negotiably serious look as I teeter a bit on my heels.

“Great!” Jennifer claps her hands.

“I think I’d better let Eric take the floor!” She smiles broadly.

“Let’s pour this girl another drink!”

Grace whispers encouragement passing Melissa a half-full bottle of Stoli, hand grasped around the neck. She smiles shyly and finally nods her head, taking a long swig straight from the bottle then passing it back to Grace.

Eric kneels in front of Melissa as she starts to giggle and her thighs tremble as he parts them gently.

“Can we open a little wider?”

She locks her eyes with his as he pushes her skirt higher; gasping as he pulls down her white thong panties and urges her slender legs open so he can fit between them.

“Oh, my god…I’ve never done this before.”

Hearing her voice from across the room– my arousal swells, watching my husband on his knees between the legs of a woman I barely know. I can see she has a  Brazilian wax, leaving her most intimate areas almost completely bare. Knowing how much Eric loves a smooth surface on which to play turns me on even more.

Jennifer leans over and whispers in my ear.

“How very generous of you, Stacey. She didn’t take much persuading, did she?”

She is  passing out order forms and pens embossed with her company logo, but the ladies are oblivious– spellbound by the unbelievable scene that is playing out before them.

“Do you see it?” Melissa asks lightly.

Eric laughs.

“It’s not something you see right away…you have to feel for it…”

He dips his head between Melissa’s thighs and licks his thumb. Trailing gently along her smooth ridge, he presses against the cleft, slowly opening her flower.

There is a collective intake of breath in the room and then dead silence as we all watch and wait for the verdict.

I lay my head back against the chair, mesmerized by the slowly unfolding play before me. I realize that Melissa and I look a lot alike, although she is a few years younger. I have a bizarre sense of deja vu, as if watching Eric and myself together, from the outside–but the way we used to be. So free and spontaneous. I want to see him pleasure this girl. At this moment it’s the only thing I want.

To be continued…