We haven’t been out in weeks and I want to have a peaceful evening. I let the troubles of the day slide from my mind. We play our sexy little game after dinner. The one I thought he had forgotten about.

It’s pouring rain outside, so he leaves me waiting with his big black umbrella at the front of the restaurant  while he retrieves the car from the parking garage. I feel warm from the wine and the relaxing meal we shared together.

I wore the red skirt he likes, the one that hugs my behind and the hemline only comes to my mid-upper thigh. This outfit makes me feel very sexy and just a little bit dangerous. With the high heels and  the way I am here standing on the corner–well, you get the idea.


“What a downpour! Can I give you a ride somewhere?”


He lowers the window and smiles that smile.


“Where are you headed?” I smile back, gamely.


“North, about ten miles.”


“That’s where I am headed, too! I’m sorry I can’t offer you any money, though, I’m all out of cash.”


“Don’t worry about that…”


We sit in silence as he drives through the rain– allowing the nervous tension of two strangers in an intimate space build to a moment when one of us has to speak.


“Thanks  for the ride. It would have been just awful to walk all the way in this weather.”


“And in those shoes…” he glances at my thighs, barely covered by my mini-skirt.


“If you don’t mind my saying…you have very nice legs…”


I squirm a little in the seat and cross my legs.


“Thank you.”


I go quiet and turn my head toward the window, allowing the slap of the windshield wipers to fill the space for a while.


“What a coincidence we live in the same neighborhood,” he chuckles, turning off the highway.


“Yeah, that’s kind of weird, that we would meet like this…almost like it was meant to be.”


I smile at him gratefully, knowing he is enjoying this as much as I am.


“Do you have anywhere you need to be after you drop me off?”




“You want to come in for a drink? It’s the least I could do…”




He puts the car in park and turns off the headlights, allowing himself another nice, long look at my legs.


I introduce him to Sophie, who is waiting, bushy tail wagging, by the kitchen door as usual. I leave the kitchen light off, dropping my bag on the counter. He stands in the half light of the room, aloof, just watching me move as I open the cabinet for a glass and turn toward the refrigerator.


“Is there something I can do for you in exchange for the ride? I’m open to suggestions…”


I pour a glass of water and turn around, finding his face right in front of me. He pulls my body to him forcefully and kisses me, pressing his tongue deep into my mouth in an uncompromising dance of domination. I open wider to accept him, setting the glass down on the counter.


I pull away, barely catching my breath.


“I’m glad you asked,” he growls, pulling me toward him again.


” There is something you can do…”


To be continued…