He remembers how I enjoy the novelty of sexual objectification– and imagining we are strangers like this. It’s been so long since we’ve been alone together anyway, the rediscovery is exciting on its own.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like you to suck my cock.”

I don’t hesitate on my reply.

“That sounds fair.”

He drives his tongue hungrily between my lips again and we kiss, passionately locked together. I fumble with his belt buckle and grasp the zipper. My open hand reaches down beyond his waistband, finding him stiff and eager for attention. He moans loudly into my mouth as I explore deeper, lightly squeezing his warm balls and caressing his smooth shaft up and down, our desire building to a fever pitch.

I drop to my knees and play him with my tongue, licking slowly–under and around his sensitive glans, then all the way down, washing his balls with my saliva and back up again.

He can’t tolerate any more teasing and gathers my hair together in his fist, with the other hand gripping his cock firmly by the root, guiding it toward my lips.

I am poised and ready to take his entire length in one long stroke and I swallow as much of his thickness as I can.

I feel the heat in the back of my throat as he fucks my mouth, his hand behind my head, keeping me engaged with each thrust, until he throbs, swelling even bigger and then pulls out, leaving me hungry for more.

“Stand up.”

Backing me up against the wooden kitchen stool he opens my legs and reaching under my skirt, he brusquely jerks my panties down to my knees.

“You are soaking wet.”

He moves his fingers against my sex, kissing me again forcefully and I reach out for his cock, stroking with abandon. I turn him around to sit on the stool and press my ass against his hardness, one leg slung over his thigh. I lower slowly, taking him deep inside.

I lean forward, grabbing the countertop with both hands, stilettos firmly planted against the kitchen floor and push back as he pounds my hips like an animal by the glow of the stove light.

The sensation is liberating, being taken this way– surrendering completely to his every desire. There is no question that he is in control and I would do anything to please him.

“Is there somewhere more comfortable we can go?”

I lead him to the bedroom and he quickly undresses me, pulling my top off over my head, taking but just a moment to fondle my darkened nipples. I know this time is about his pleasure and it mustn’t be delayed.

“You can have whatever you want…”

He bends me over across the bed and enters me as I lower my hand between my legs, engaging with the slippery hardness between my fingers. He is a gentleman, after all and holds off coming until I reach my climax, although I know this is as hot for him as it is for me.

We lay quietly afterward for a time–and then I roll over and look him in the eyes whispering gently…”My husband will be home soon. You’d better get going…”

We both laugh and fall together, breaking character and becoming ourselves again.

“Oh, my god, that was awesome.”

“Yeah, that was fun.”


He kisses me gently on the lips and rolls over, staring up at the ceiling.



“There’s something I need to tell you…”

To be continued…