“Um, okay…”


I roll over on my side, propping my head on my hand, stroking his chest lightly, a gesture  to soothe myself more than to soothe him.


“Remember that girl from the party?”


“Melissa, of course. How could I forget?”


“I know we have both been busy lately, but don’t you think we should talk about it?”


He stops my hand, folding it in his.


“What is there to say?  We were drunk…you played along. It was nothing.”


I pull my hand away and sit up in bed soberly, crossing my arms over my chest.


“It was nothing,” I repeat. “Right??”


“Calm down, Stacey, I know, things got out of hand, but…”


I am ready for the worst and I feel my heart pounding in my ears.


“What the fuck are you trying to say?”


I am standing beside the bed now, wrapping my robe around my waist and staring at him in alarm.


“Apparently she doesn’t see things the same way. She has been showing up at the gallery lately wanting to talk to me.”


“What did you say to her?” I plant my hands now on my hips, shaking my head in disbelief.


“She’s having a hard time moving past what happened…she had her first orgasm with me and she’s kind of hung up on that.”


“But, what did you say to her??” I hear my voice becoming shrill, but I can’t seem to control the volume at this point.


“That it can’t happen again…that it will never happen again. That’s what I said.”


He moves to the edge of the bed now, pulling on his shorts and heading across the room.


“How many times have you talked to her?”


“Oh, I don’t remember…maybe three or four.”


“Have you seen her outside of the gallery?”


I follow him to the bathroom.


“Just once. We went to lunch to talk things out once and for all.”


“And where does she stand? Do I need to talk to her?”


He closes the door behind him.


“No!! I mean, I think she’s going to be okay, she just needs some time…”


His voice is muffled against the sound of running water.


“Time for what?”


I am livid, but at least he was honest about lunch. We share everything.


No wonder she’s been ignoring me since that night. This cannot go any further.


If anyone should have that shady little bitch, it should be me.

To be continued…