She looks older dressed in her work attire, I think to myself. More mature, perhaps. I can’t tell her that I’ve been thinking about her now for weeks, ever since that night. I haven’t sorted it out enough to put it into words. But when I see her, I know I still want her…again and again.


“Thanks for meeting me.”


Melissa returns my smile nervously across the table, setting her shoulders and glancing around for familiar faces.


“Jennifer told me you cancelled your party. I was just wondering what’s up with you lately. It’s like you’ve been avoiding me.”


“That night was a mistake. Things got out of control.”


“I know, but…what about us?”


“What do you mean?”


“Didn’t you feel something special between us?”


“Stacey, I’m not like that…” she leans in and whispers.


“You seemed to be having fun…”


Her face colors slightly and I wonder if it is a reaction to the memory of my tongue between her gorgeous thighs.


“It was the heat of the moment…we were so wasted. I’ve never…I mean…”


“It was a first for me too, Melissa. I’ve never done anything like that before.”


She bows her head, pretending to pick nonexistent lint off her skirt.


“How can you even know what you want? You just had your first orgasm only a few weeks ago.”


I wish I could reach across the table and touch her, but I know she won’t allow it. Instead, I wrap a lock of my hair around my finger, twirling nervously as I wade through the extended silence between us.


“I think I do…”


She directs her gaze at the tabletop, avoiding my eyes.


“Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight? We can talk more.”


“I’ll think about it.”


She gets up to leave.


“Text me after work?”




She clips away in her sensible shoes, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I know I should call Christophe for advice, but somehow I don’t think he can help me on this one.


Alone at home, I locate the device in the drawer beside the bed. I don’t require any lube, as I set the speed and prepare the area as Jennifer directed.

An elaborate scene begins to play out in my head. I imagine tasting Melissa’s sex again. This time with Eric in her mouth. Then we switch, and I spread my legs, crouching over her as she pleasures me while Eric fucks her. He kisses me passionately, as we delight in the shared experience of her body.  I envision Eric taking turns fucking us while we kiss and touch, backsides turned upward on the edge of the bed as he plays with our slick, wet kitties. First one, then the other in a dizzying romp.

Arching my back, I imagine them both right now, between my open legs. Reverently attending my desire, their tongues occasionally touching as they work me into a frenzy with warm, greedy mouths and fingers.

Jennifer was right–the Wonder Wand is a real timesaver.


“Melissa’s coming over for dinner tonight.”




I have to pull the phone away from my ear for a moment against the noisy reverberation.


“I invited her.”


“Why did you do that, Stacey? I told you I would handle it.”


“I think we need to get everything out in the open and move on.”


“I will try to make it, but I can’t promise…”


“You need to be here, Eric.”




To be continued…