Self portrait of the author writing as Jillian Marks

“How do you think this story’s gonna end?”


I scoop my bathrobe off a chair and toss it at Melissa. She wraps it around herself quickly and slumps onto the end of the bed with her hands over her face.


“He was going to tell you as soon as you got home…” she whimpers into her clenched fingers.


“Tell me what, exactly?”


“We are in love! I love him!”


She sits up bravely, defiantly…looking me straight in the eye.


“There’s something you should know…” I begin, sitting down beside her, gently petting her mussed up hair.


“Eric does not love you. Eric loves me. We share everything. Everything that means anything to him, I already know.”


“I don’t believe…” she shakes her head and lays it in her arms, folded over bent knees.


“Here’s the deal, Melissa.”


I unbutton my jeans and slide them down my legs, kicking them to the side.


“I know what you want, but see…you can never please Eric in the way he needs…”


She sits up, now, a smirk crosses her lips as I move toward her.


“And you know what I want, don’t you?”


“It’s my birthday, my fucking birthday…I don’t need this shit…”


She stands up to leave.


“Do you love Eric? Really?”


I push her back down, bracing my foot against the bed, legs spread wide open in a proprietary stance. Hands planted on my hips.


“Yes,” she sniffs, as if she’s about to cry.


“He will never leave me, do you understand?”


She nods her head.


“But you know what I want, don’t you?”


I play the corner of her robe open with my toe.


She nods her head again.


“Eric is a good man, I know you know that. I know you want him, but he belongs to me.”


“But he told me…” she starts in again.


“And why isn’t he here defending this so-called love of yours?”


“You told him to go…”


“That’s right. And he’s waiting out there for me. Not for you.”


“Oh, please don’t make me leave him…I’ll do anything…”


“I understand what that’s like…to want something you can’t have, and I want to help you.


But there’s a price.”


I stroke her hair from her eyes and bend to kiss her softly on the lips. I pull my top off over my head and push her back onto the bed. She yields to my pressure, bare breasts softly bouncing when she lands against the mattress, robe now open. She waits for direction.


“Remember what we did that night? Just the two of us?”


“Mmm hmmm.”


“I’m gonna show you how to do that to me.”


To be continued…