There’s no need to answer. Eric parts his legs, smiles and leans back, settling into the sofa. I grab his beer, taking a long sip and set it on the side table.


“Come on, sweetie…”


I help her  to her knees and join her between his thighs. His erection  bobs solidly between us as I wrap my hand around his thick root, offering it to her open mouth.


“Let’s see that tongue. He likes a good tongue bath, first… don’t you, honey?”


I demonstrate– licking him slowly, from balls to tip, just skimming the sensitive head with my lips, the way he likes. I release my hand, replacing it with her slender fingers, wrapping them around him, the heel of her hand resting against his bulging scrotum.


“Now squeeze as you lick it…yes, that’s it…”


She is eager as before in the bedroom, trying so hard to do it right, watching me carefully.


“Now, take him your mouth slowly…like this…”


Again, I show her how to keep his cock at attention, begging for more–and finally, how to take it deeper than she ever thought she could. I gather her hair in my hand, pressing her further, and she grunts from deep in her throat, resisting initially, but she keeps going, working her plush lips against his rod, in and out.


Eric groans, looking first at her beautiful mouth on his cock, then at me as I position my face between her legs to feast on her tender flesh. She locks her thighs against my ears as I flick her with my tongue. She can’t help but thrust against the powerful sensations between the three of us. Eric’s cock in her mouth and my warm, wet tongue tickling her within a hair’s breadth of coming. But she must wait.


“One thing you have to remember, Melissa…you will always come last, because I was here first.”


I pull her off his cock with a wet sucking sound and kiss her roughly, kneading her bare breasts against mine. Climbing onto the sofa I straddle Eric, lowering onto his rock hardness. She has no choice but to stare in stunned silence watching me fuck him right there in front of her, deep and hard. Moving my hand down my belly to my bright pink nub, I rouse myself ever closer to the edge.


“It’s okay if you touch yourself, Melissa…just imagine you are me right now….oh! Fuck! I’m coming!!


He clamps his mouth over one of my hard nipples dangling over his face and starts pounding against me, bucking his hips under mine, as my ass bounces with the force of his strong thighs.


“No, don’t come yet…let’s go in the bedroom.”

To be continued…