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“You know we can’t do that.”


“Just a friendly kiss. We’re friends, right?”


“Ok, but I’m going to close my eyes.”


“Alright, Silly.” The weight of his heat is palpable as he moves toward me, bringing his face closer to mine.


We are both so buzzed right now, it just feels like a game.


His tongue licks my lips gently, and then presses further, opening and exploring.


We kiss for what seems like an hour. Lost to the exquisite sensations and excitement building inside. I never want this to end and yet I know it will. For so long I only imagined this. Now it is real.


And so I don’t move his hand away when he pushes my skirt up to my hips. Brushing aside my panties, warm thick fingers glide gently over what needs soothing. I am on fire, throbbing for touch. His movements are sensitive and confident, sliding in slow rhythm between the slippery cleft of my sex.


“Do you want more?”


“What do you mean?” I whisper, eyes half-closed.


“I want to taste you, ” he whispers, between hungry kisses.


“Are you sure this is what you want…you know I can’t, I would never…”


“For so long…you just don’t know…” Sam sinks to his knees at the edge of the sofa, nimbly working the twisted elastic of my panties down over my hips.


“But…” I lift up, helping him slide the soaking wet triangle of lacy fabric down to the floor and off.


“Just this once…just relax and let this happen.”


I lay my head back in release and let it go—all my precious control and order, my right and  wrong—it’s all falling away, breaking into tiny shards at our feet.


A spreading warmth starts deep in my belly radiating out in waves. Intensely electric like a live wire, responding to every hungry lap of his tongue sending me further into this moment of unadulterated pleasure.


Squeezing my bottom with both hands he brings me in even closer.  I feel his warm breath and hear him grunt his approval at my response. Breathless at the intensity of impending climax, I hang on to a fistful of his hair as if for dear life, as I come, rocking with the waves, thighs trembling.


Hearing the familiar purr of Eric’s car in the drive, we quickly compose ourselves. I make a beeline for the bathroom to freshen up, dabbing carefully where my eye makeup has run and apply fresh lip gloss. Yes, I look fine, I think to myself. I am fine.



To be continued…