I haven’t heard that song in seventy-five years

You say

“Love ya, Honey!”

You say, every day

A hundred times a day


Oh Jack

We’ve only just met

And soon we’ll be saying goodbye


They call it memory care

A locked ward

Secured unit

Alarm devices


To keep you safe from wandering

What is safe?


One morning I will show up

And you won’t be here


I hear them say it’s your time

To go in

But I look in your eyes

You look straight through me

When you stare

But I see you.


When you order anything I suggest…

For breakfast

For lunch

For dinner

Anything to appear normal

Anything to be granted

Just more day

Of freedom


I will remember

Your Absolut on the rocks

How you carefully place your tumbler

In the cup holder of your walker

And take yourself upstairs to bed


Jimmy Durante? I muse

When you sing to me

Paris in the Spring

You know it note for note

From another girl

From another time


When you  go

I know you won’t remember

But I’ll remember you.