We huddle together in the elevator, finally out of public view and finally alone. Lip locked. He mashes his body into mine so hard I can feel his erection press insistently against my leg. I feel like a horny teenager making out with such frantic urgency. But it feels too good to stop. And no one is stopping us.


“This is so much better than sexting,” I snicker, as the elevator door opens.


“Or, G-chat, or email…but we are pretty creative, you’ve got to admit…” he cracks a wide grin.


Tumbling together onto the bed, our bags drop heavily to the floor as we kick off our shoes and mingle  in a heaving mass of  desire.  His hands are finally free to roam under my clothes–squeezing and caressing with each pass over my warm, sensitive flesh.


All of the late night conversations, all of the stolen moments we shared, albeit in a virtual realm…I feel like he knows me completely and yet this is the first time he will explore my body. I wanted to be marked by him. I want to be completely filled by him. I want him to consume me, devour me.


Our legs tangle as I swing up and straddle his hips, removing my top over my head. My hard nipples strain against the fabric of my thin bralette.


“Look at you…” he marvels, lying back on the pillow. “You are breathtaking.”


I lay on top of him and kiss him deeply as I tease his hardness through our clothes.


“You are killin’ me…” he laughs, and rolls me over onto my back, kissing my neck with little nibbles and licks.


“Oh, I almost forgot.” He raises up off the bed and walks over to the bureau.


“I picked this out for you.”


He tosses a gold box wrapped with a black ribbon on the bed.


He smiles at me, pouring a bourbon from the mini bar– and walks across the room, settling into the chair opposite the bed.


I scramble over to the box excitedly, pulling at the ribbon. I recognize the La Perla packaging, and I almost squeal with delight at his exquisite taste.


“Put it on.”