I oblige, hungrily, noting the look in his eyes. Primal lust mingled with an undefinable rage.

“Put your mouth on it.”

My wide open lips stretch taut around the fat, glistening knob of flesh. It pulses and grows thicker as I take more of his long, heavy shaft into my throat and back out again. Again.

I look up at him, but there’s no question he wants more.

“Oh, yes…just like you said you would. You’re a cock-hungry girl…”

“Mmmm hmmm…” I groan into the fullness, dizzy with desire. On all fours, rear sticking up behind me, balancing a hand stiffly against the floor to keep me from falling over.

He jerks my head back, cock snapping against his belly then slapping back, wet and meaty against my face.

“Turn around.”

He leans my head back against the seat of the upholstered chair and straddles my hips. The head of his cock bobs across my soft lips, eager for more attention. He grips it at the base and lightly spanks my face with it. Rubbing it huge, wet and slick all over my lips, my burning cheeks, my neck.

On the floor like this I feel dirty—base, animal. My legs splayed open and locked in place beneath his weight. I am pinned to the spot, restrained  but with my hands free to explore the solid, warm flesh of his legs and buttocks.

“Look at me.”

He holds my face in his large hands. He runs his fingers through my long hair and grabs a handful in each hand, spearing all the way down my throat again.  In a trance, my eyes lock with his as he pushes deeper yet, burning with lust and the private decadence of our shared ritual. We are the participants and the observers. Voyeurs of our own profanity.

Squeezing his muscular ass with both hands, I urge him  deeper and faster. My whimpers and moans  vibrate through the length of his rod and down through his testicles. I am still greedy for more—greater sensation. I dip a finger into my  slick lubrication, passing it over my sensitive, swollen tip.  He gasps and then groans as I slowly penetrate him. His cock starts to twitch and shudder. I push deeper.

My tongue squirms against his swollen shaft. He’s going to explode in my mouth. Big balls pulled tight against the silky smooth base.

“Yes, just like I told you, Oh my god….” he hisses through clenched teeth. I thrill at the contorted grimace of pleasure revealed in his expression as his eyes roll back in his head with the sensations building between us.

It feels unreal and out of control. It is only now I realize I am approaching satisfaction. My throat filled with Sam’s cock. The warm clenching heat of my fingers buried deep inside him. The blood roars in my ears with the sound of his moans.

I eagerly absorb the powerful force of his thrusts against the back of my throat—as his cock probes for maximum depth again and again. I’m beginning to match his energy, stroke for stroke, until finally, giving my hair a violent tug, he asserts one final thrust–pressing my head firmly in place– flush against his torso.

The swell of his balls rests heavily against the stretch of my lips and I feel overwhelmed by the rising fever of my arousal—reckless, verging on hysteria.

Just as I feel I can’t take anymore, he pulls out abruptly, extracting a gush of my saliva from deep inside, flooding my chin and spilling onto my breasts, now completely exposed– poised atop a wet and sullied crimson ridge of satin and lace.

To be continued…