Pulling his shirt over his head, he smiles at my dazed expression.


“Is the real thing worth the wait…?” He kicks his shorts to the side.


I nod, eyes still locked with his—my right hand extended toward the part of my body that begs for attention, for relief.


“I want you to touch yourself for me.”


“I’ve never done that in front of anyone,” I object, shaking my head warily. We’ve never talked about this before.


He extends his hand. “Come with me.”


The bed sags with his weight as he sits on the edge with his knees open–cock and balls hanging full and pendulous between– and draws me to him. I drape my arms around his neck, naked breasts pressed against his warmth and we kiss again, wantonly.


He turns me to sit my bare bottom on his left knee, and kisses my neck. Suckling gently at the soft skin of my throat, he guides my right hand to my throbbing cunt.


“Now, show me…”


“What you do.”


I turn my head away, shielding my eyes in the crook of his shoulder.


“It’s too hard…I don’t think I can.” I avoid his gaze.


“I’ll help you.”


His cool palm caresses my stomach as he extends my index finger and brings it to my engorged clit. I shiver with the contact. Gently unhooking the twisted bustier, he releases it to the floor and cups my breasts in his hands, quickly urging my nipples to hardness with his fingers.

“Show me how you satisfy your hunger when I’m not there.” His hand folds over mine, adding pressure to the slippery glide of my fingers.


I close my eyes with a sigh as instinct and innate response take over– losing myself in a reverie of sensation, stroking my slick heat to urgent intensity as I begin to whimper in low, plaintive moans against the delicious friction.


“God, you are so fucking beautiful like this, Stacey. So primal.”


As my speed and intensity accelerates with his encouragement, he emits a low groan and bites my shoulder.  Reaching for his cock he brusquely holds my open thigh fast with his other hand.


I squeeze my legs into  the resistance and try to calm my breathing but my orgasm is building too quickly and my whole body begins to seize with the frantic undertow of release and pleasure crashing over me again and again.


His breath comes in quick gasps as his hand moves rhythmically against the silk of my torn stocking. I feel him heave and shudder in hot, wet spasms. The warm splash of his spendings against my foot. My shiny shoe.

My climax peaks simultaneously and I release a long, guttural groan, collapsing with a sob against his chest, hair stringy and wet with perspiration against my forehead. I lay back on the bed, exhausted.

“Oh, my god…I’ve never had an experience like that before. I mean, I have. Just not, you know…” I find my voice, drifting back up through the haze into consciousness after who knows how long just hovering in the silent rhythm of our breathing.

“It was a revelation. To see you so uninhibited. So shameless with your body. With your mouth.”

He kisses my forehead and heads to the bathroom.

I can’t help overhearing his hushed low vibrato on the other side of the door. He is on his phone.  I try to imagine it’s just one of his friends or a work associate. But some part of me knows better.

To be continued…